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An idea that dates back 2 years, 6 months of work, lots of generous sponsors, incredible volunteers...

Plenty of reasons to celebrate with dignity the inauguration of asingle project !

Join us so that weparty all togetherthe culmination of this work and this promising project for the region.

Au program: 

09:00:Free opening of the slopesto the public

09:01: Switching on themcoffee machine

11:30: Opening offood trucksandbar

15:30: Show byRaoul & Emric Schneeberger (the 9 wheels), Pierre SorioyouNico Vink & crew

6:00 p.m.: official part

20:00:Live musicwithBlue Ginger

22:30: Evening withDJ Peter Pertuis


And fullnotsofothers surprises!

Other iinformation important:

- Free shuttles from the car park will be at your disposal but we encourage thes "local"  to reach the place of the party by bike.

- The inauguration takes place in all weathers (a "rain" program has been imagined).

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